Who We Are

Executive Advisory Board:

Scientific Advisory Board:

Charles Cotropia, CEO, Juris Doctorate Degree Cornell Univ.,           B.S. Aerospace Engineering Univ. of Texas

Joseph Cotropia, CSO, Doctor of Medicine Degree Univ. of Texas Southwestern Medical School, M.S. Physiological Chemistry

Gaurav Chandra, COO, Doctor of Medicine Degree Kasturba Medical School Manipal, FAGE, MBA, Head of Research and Development

Paul D. Fellegy

Tomasz Zastawny, Chief Clinical Operations Officer, DSc, Ph.D.

Ellen S. Vitetta, Ph.D.
Professor at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, The Scheryle Simmons Patigian Distinguished Chair in Cancer Immunobiology at the  Cancer Immunobiology Center, Director Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences Center for Immunology
Dallas, Texas
Yvonne J. Bryson, M.D.
Professor of Pediatrics and Chief, Division of Pediatric Infectious Diseases, David Geffen School of Medicine, Mattel Children's Hospital at UCLA, Marian Davies Children Center
Los Angeles, California
Dalila B. Corry, M.D.
Professor of Clinical Medicine, Chief, Division of Nephrology, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA
Los Angeles, California


     As we prepare to take our technology to the next level, we are raising funds through the crowdfunding portal www.startengine.com/bioclonetics. The terms of our crowdfunding raise are found there where as little as $100 can be invested.  Join us in our development of an HIV cure using monoclonal antibodies.  Or contact us at csc@bioclonetics.com for more information.  


            If you would like to help us reach our goal of a therapeutic cure for HIV, there are a couple of ways you can support our success and growth:

1.     Consider investing through www.startengine.com/bioclonetics 

2.     If you are not in a position to invest now, but still want to help, then:

     - Share this information with friends who might be interested in this type of investment.

     - Share our profile through your social media networks.


     We are currently in discussions with Serum Institute of India (www.seruminstitute.com) to partner in advancing our technology through clinical trials.  Serum Institute is the largest producer of vaccines in the world and a producer of several monoclonal antibodies against other infectuous diseases.  Join us in this journey to cure HIV using monoclonal antibodies.