BioClonetics Proprietary mAb Methodologies & Immunotherapeutic Technologies Platform for Therapeutics

    Biologics, specifically, fully human neutralizing monoclonal antibodies directed against infectious disease, are considered the new frontier in biotechnology.  In the past, the initial starting products were “humanized” rat and mouse mAbs being created for therapeutic use.  "Humanized” immunoglobulins are the major immunotherapeutics that are prevalent today.  What sets BioClonetics' antibody technology apart from everyone else’s?  Our organization has the capacity to clone the human or animal immune system cells.  With BioClonetics' proprietary methodologies, stable parent hybridomas cell lines can be created that produce fully human (or animal) antibodies  
     BioClonetics specializes in creation of human neutralizing monoclonal antibodies, not "humanized" mouse or rat counterparts, as are the majority of mAb therapeutics in pharmaceutical use today. BioClonetics’ technological methodologies have developed an effective, strong and robust portfolio of biologics that have pharmaceutical application with significant benefits to patients or animals in the global marketplace.  From an identified and created parent hybridoma cell line, four distinct and effective products can be produced:  (1) fully human neutralizing monoclonal antibody—directed against any pathogen based disease entity—through use in passive immunotherapy;  (2) an effective humoral active vaccine that is safe and effective;  (3) an oral mini‑antibody peptide based medication with an efficacy that is equivalent to the immunologic capacity of the monoclonal antibody produced by parent hybridoma cell; and (4) an entry-fusion inhibitor that is immunologic in character and scope.  The applications are broad, effective and beneficial for immunotherapeutic use. 
     The methodologies and processes for creating immortalized cells that stably produce human monoclonal antibodies is a company proprietary trade secret.  BioClonetics is amenable to discussing licensing the innovational technique of cloning the immune system of any species in the animal kingdom.